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How Do I Grow Out My Grey Hair?

Updated: Jun 13

6 Tips to help you grow out your grey hair.

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Women with natural grey hair and blue tips

The key to transitioning from colored hair to naturally grey hair is patience. Depending on how much grey you have and how long your hair is the amount of time it takes to grow out your grey will vary. Read on for 6 helpful tips that will make growing out your grey more manageable.

Tip # 1 - Add Highlights And Lowlights

I know the first thing people want to ditch completely is color. Especially if are in the routine of going to the salon every 3 to 6 weeks and your over it. However you need some color to break up the lines created from getting a full coverage color as it grows out. You need to transition from a root retouch to highlights and lowlights. Adding more dimension to your hair will create a softer and softer grow out, each time you get it done. Instead of covering your grey completely, color will be used to blend your grey. Also this doesn't always mean going blonde. How light you go varies on preference or the amount of grey you have. The highlights could be, cool blonde, grey, ashy brown, or even a rainbow vivid color like the picture above. If you are naturally a brunette and you're not looking to go really light read on to learn about another hair color option.

Tip # 2 - Covered Vs. Colored Root Retouch

Another option is slowly having your hairstylist formulate your root color with less and less grey coverage. What this does is takes your hair color from being opaque to more translucent. Which creates a more dimensional color by making your greys look like natural highlights. Your Hairstylist will need to add highlights slightly lighter then your root color for a even blend but you will still look like a brunette. And then from there you will be able to get away from doing a root color and instead lowlights. Then eventually no color if you chose to. Transitioning from an all over color to no color takes at least a year or more depending on the length of your hair and how often you come in.

Tip # 3 - Switch Up How You Part Your Hair

Switching up how you part your hair can help hind areas that are more grey, allowing an easier grow out. Depending on where your grey hairs are and your end goal I have had clients part their where there is less grey and only colored where needed to help camouflage.

Tip # 4 - Build A New Grey Hair Regimen

Like with any new look a new hair regimen is needed. As you grow out your greys you will find that your grey hairs are a lot courser than the ones that are not. Which means grey hairs are drier and need more moisture. I recommend using a leave-in conditioner and a weekly hair mask. For a leave in I recommend using Amika The Wizard Detangling Primer. Used on towel dried hair this leave-in reduces frizz, protects against heat and detangles all hair types. Click here to buy Amika The Wizard Detangling Primer. For a weekly hair mask or in place of your conditioner if your hair is really coarse I recommend Amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask. This mask rich yet light weight hydrates and softens for healthy, silky and manageable hair. Click here to buy Amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask. The last product I recommend for your new hair regimen is purple shampoo. Grey like blonde hair will get brassy over time. To keep the brass away I recommend Amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Repair Shampoo. This purple shampoo tones, repairs and moisturizes hair resulting in healthy never brassy hair. Click here to buy Amika Bust Your Brass Repair Shampoo. I also recommend pairing it with Amika Bust Your Brass Repair Conditioner.

Tip # 5 - Experiment With Different Hairstyles

If your goal is to eventually ditch hair color completely switching up your go to hairstyles can help. Messy buns, braids, twists, side parts, and cute hair accessories can help draw attention away from growing out your hair. Click here to head to my pinterest for cute hairstyle ideas and how tos.

Tip # 6 - Consider Cutting Your Hair Shorter

The quickest and easiest way to grow out your grey is going shorter and cutting the old hair color out. I understand this option isn't for everyone but if you already have short hair or always wanted to try a shorter style this is the way to go.

Hairstylist Jessalyn standing in her salon

If you are in the Portsmouth NH area I would love to be your hairstylist!

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