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Hi My Name Is Jessalyn

I am the creator of Bold Hearts. Bold Hearts is a hair salon, shop and hair care blog. My brand is all about empowering people to love themselves through self expression. I do so by celebrating individuality with beauty and fashion.

I am a hairstylist that owns a single chair hair salon called Bold Hearts Studio. It's located in Sola Salons in Portsmouth NH.


My ideal guests are ones that love change. Most of my guests change their hair every appointment. It doesn't necessarily mean drastic but they enjoy when I give them options. I love creating and I love it when my guests are open to new looks or bring me ideas. My goal is to make sure my guests never get bore. I always have plenty of ideas and I enjoy helping my guests find their style.

I specialize in hair color transformations, rainbow hair, wedding hair and editorial hair styling. I have styled hair for New York Fashion Week.


I am an artist who enjoys creating cute designs. The Bold Hearts shop sells prints, apparel, stationary, stickers and more. NEW to the shop are clip-in rainbow hair extensions.

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why the name bold hearts?

I came up with the name Bold Hearts when I thought about my guest. I made a list of things that they had in common and realized they all have bold hearts! They are courageous, confident and fearless! People who stand for what they believe in and express their style how they want to. People who dare to be BOLD. Bold Hearts is all about celebrating self expression.

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