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Blowout Included

Rainbow Hair

All new rainbow hair clients are required to book a consultation. I need to see your hair in person to determine if your hair color goal is achievable and in most cases will do a strand test to see how your hair will react. Each client requires a different amount of time which is why I require a consultation for your first appointment. After the consultation I will book your color appointment. You will be able to book future color appointments online once I achieve your hair color goal and you are at the point where you just need to refresh your color. The online booking options for color do not book enough time for rainbow color transformations.


Highlights are booked based on the amount of highlights desired. The day of your appointment I will decide whether to do foils, balayage or both based on your desired look. Below is the average price per service. The price can increase if more then the standard amount of product is needed.

Face Frame Highlight: A few highlights on top and in the front around the face.

2 hrs | $140+

Partial Highlight: Highlights on top and sides. This does not include the back.

2 hrs 30 mins | $175+

Full Highlight: Highlights all over with dimension in between.

3 hrs | $210+

Blonde Transformation: All over blonde with little dimension. The ends of the hair are all blonde and there's some dimension at the roots.

4 hrs | $280+

Root Retouch & Gloss

Root Retouch: To maintain color and cover greys.

1 hr 30 mins | $105

Gloss Refresh: To get rid of brassiness from blonde and to add richness to faded color.

1 hr 30mins | $100+

Root Retouch With Gloss: Color is applied to roots and ends

2 hrs | $145+



Haircuts are booked by length and technique. This determines the price and the time of the appointment. 

Bang Trim/Undercut: 15 mins | $15

Dry Cut (No wash or blowout): 45 mins | $45

Short Haircut: 45 mins | $45

(Above the ears)

Mid-Length Haircut: 1 hr | $60

(Above the shoulders)

Long Haircut: 1 hr & 15 mins | $75

(Below the shoulders)

Transformational Haircut: 1 hr & 30 mins | $90

Includes a deep conditioning treatment and a styling lesson.

Curly Haircut: 1 hr & 30 mins | $90

Includes a deep conditioning treatment and a styling lesson.

This haircut is perfect for clients that always wear their hair curly. I do a dry cut instead of wet to achieve a cut that is customizable to your curls. I can see your hairs curl pattern when it is dry and give the hair a shape that works best with your curls. After the cut I wash, restyle and diffuse your hair. For this haircut come to your appointment with freshly styled curls and do not use a lot of product.

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