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Get Ready to Say 'I Do' with These 6 Essential Bridal Hair Trial Tips

Updated: Jan 22

6 tips for the best bridal hair trial .

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

Wedding picture of the bride and groom

The new year is here! Which means if you are getting married this year now is the time to book your hair trial. Hi my name is Jessalyn! I am located in Portsmouth NH and I am now booking 2023 weddings. Click here for more info. I would love to do your wedding hair. But either way read on to get my 6 tips on how to make your bridal hair trial the absolute best!

Tip # 1- Do Not Wait Last Minute To Book!

Even if your wedding is at the end of the year reach out to your hairstylist as soon as possible to secure your date. Then book your trial. I recommend booking your hair trial at least 3 months before your wedding. However you can come in sooner if you'd like. You just want to have your wedding dress picked out and a clear vision of what vibe you are going for before coming in for your trial. The hairstyle alone can change the complete esthetic of a dress.

Tip #2 - Inspiration

When looking for hair inspo, search for brides with similar features as you. This tip works with make up too. Your hair color, facial features and skin tone will drastically change a hair or makeup look. I don't do make up but I listed below make up artist who I highly recommend and have worked wedding with before. If you are getting married in or around New Hampshire check these make artist out.

Make Up Artists That I Love:

Amanda Lacefield - Instagram: @amandahopemakeup

Caley Paquette - Instagram: @caleydbeauty

Tip #3 - Hair Extensions

Depending on the hairstyle and the amount of hair you have you may need hair extensions to achieve the look you want. In most cases half up half down hairstyles, boho hairstyles and glam waves will require hair extensions. These hairstyles require a lot of hair. Half up half downs hairstyles can look stringy on the bottom if there is not enough hair. This is because most of the hair is used on top, especially if you want a lot of braids. Boho hairstyles need a lot of hair to achieve all the braids and twists. And glam waves requires a lot of hair to create volume and fullness. Most updos can be achieved without extensions because it is easier to make hair look fuller then it is when it is all up. If you want hair extensions for just your wedding I recommend clip-ins. If you want extensions long term I recommend hand tied extension. Click here to learn more about hair extensions.

​If you know you definitely want clip-in hair extensions buy them ahead of time so you can bring them to your trial. I recommend Irresistible Me clip-ins. Irresistible Me clip-in hair extensions are made with high quality 100% human hair and they give you the option to color match at home before buying. For color I recommend either doing an exact match or going slightly lighter to add highlight. Highlights add dimension to a hairstyle which makes twists and braids pop more. Click here to shop and use my code JESSALYN10 to get 10% off your order.

Tip #4 - Come Ready

Come to your hair trial with clean blow dried hair, not straightened or curled. This will give your hairstylist a true sense of your hair to create the best game plan for your big day. Also wear a white or pale top with a similar neckline as your dress so you can visualize your look.

Tip #5 - Guest

Guest are welcome at your trial but be selective. Leave at home anyone who doesn't get your vision. It's all about how you will look on your special day. Having second opinions can be helpful but remember you call the shots. After each hairstyle you try ask your stylist to take pictures and videos. Have them send them to you so you can get opinions from people who couldn't make it to your appointment if you wish.

Tip #6 - Accessories

Bring hair pieces, jewelry and your veil if you are wearing one. These are the finishing touches of your hairstyle and will give you a better visual for the day of. If you are not sure what hair pieces you want because you are between hairstyles or are not sure what will work ask your hairstylist for help. They can look at accessories with you during your trial and give you an idea of what will work and what won't based on the hairstyles you are interested in. Also if you are wearing a veil I will book some extra time to help you put it in. Ask your hairstylist to help you with your veil the day of and have them show someone in your party how to take it out.

Bride dancing in a field of flowers
Remember It's Your Wedding

I honestly find this saying annoying because literally everyone says it but not everyone always mean it. Especially if they say but... right after. What I want you to know is your wedding vendors are your support. Your opinion is the only one that matters to us. I have personally asked party members to leave the getting ready room for my brides if they are ruining the vibe. There's a lot of emotions going around the day of. So lets make sure they're only good ones.

I would love to be your hairstylist if your in the NH area. For more info click here to head to my wedding page. I hope you find these tips helpful. Congrats on your engagement and have a wonderful wedding day!



Photographer: Antoinette Photography


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