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How Do I Get Rid Of Split Ends?

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Learn how to get rid of split ends and how to prevent them with these 8 tips.

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Split Ends

When you can't remember the last time you got a haircut, it's definitely time. Your hair starts to tangle easily, the ends are dry and they have a crunchy feeling to them. You have split ends. Your hair is the oldest at the ends and need some extra care. Read on to learn how to get rid of split ends and how to prevent them.

Tip #1 - Get Trims Regularly

The only way to get rid of split ends is by cutting them off. A haircut is needed regularly to keep your hair from splitting. If you want to keep your hair the same length, get it cut every 6-8 weeks. The shorter your hair is the sooner you will want to come in to maintain the shape. If you are growing your hair, cut it every 12 weeks. A haircut is need even if you are growing it to get rid of split ends. If you don't cut off split ends, they will split all the way up the hair shaft, making it damaged, unhealthy, frizzy, and thin. This is why regular haircuts are so important.

Tip #2 - Treatments & Leave-Ins

The truth is there's no way to fully repair hair once it's broken. Products like treatments and leave-ins can only seal the outer layer of the hair to make them temporarily appear smoother and less frayed. So it is important to know how to prevent breakage. I recommend using a hair mask once a week to prevent breakage by making the hair stronger. Don't wait until you have split ends to use a treatment. Not sure which hair mask is best for your hair? Read: Which Hair Mask Is Best For My Hair?

Tip #3 - Be Gentle On Strands

When styling and brushing be gentle. Start from the bottom and work your way up the hair in small sections. Don't yank and pull. For hair accessories don't use a rubber band or a hair accessory with metal, which can tug and break hair. Instead look for accessories made of or wrapped in fabric or that hold back the hair loosely and not tight. Avoid tight hairstyles when you can. Click here to shop cute hair accessories.

Tip #4 - Shampoo Gently

Be sure to only shampoo the roots and use a sulfate-free wash. Sulfates over cleanse and damage fragile hair. Click here to go to my blog post How Often Should I Wash My Hair? For a list of shampoos and conditioners I recommend.

Tip #5 - Use Cold Water

Before stepping out of the shower I recommend doing a quick cold rinse to close your hair cuticles back down. Your hair cuticles open in hot water which make them more likely to break. Closing your hair cuticles back down with a cold rinse helps them lay smoother.

Tip #6 - Don't Brush Wet Hair

Hair is the most fragile when it is wet. Water swells and stretches the hair shaft. Adding stress from brushing in that state can cause it to break. I recommend brushing your hair before you wash it. After towel dry and apply a leave-in conditioner to help detangle. Then detangle with a wide tooth comb or wet brush, which are designed to protect wet hair. For a detangler I recommend using Amika The Wizard Detangling Primer. Besides detangling it also reduces frizz, protects hair against heat and cuts down blow dry time. Click here to buy Amika The Wizard Detangling Primer.

Tip #7 - Turn Down The Heat

Heat can cause major damage to your hair. After you wash your hair let your hair air dry as much as possible to avoid excessive heat. Before using a styling iron make sure your hair is fully dry and make sure your iron has a heat setting. Fine hair 320 F, medium hair 360 F, and coarse hair 400 F. It's important to make sure your iron is set to the right heat setting. If you have fine hair and set your iron to 400 F it's too hot for your hair type and will burn your hair. Also make sure to apply a heat protectant before styling. Which brings me back to Amika The Wizard. This detangling heat protectant can be used on damp hair. Then on dry hair use Amika The Shield Anti-Humidity Spray. The Shield is a styling extending spray that not only protects hair from heat styling but also humidity. It maintains frizz free styles for 24 hours. Click here to buy Amika The Shield Anti-Humidity Spray.

Tip #8 - Protect Your Strands While You Sleep

Before you go to bed apply a hydrating cream from mids to ends and pull your hair up in a loose bun, loose braid(s), or lose high pony. Use a scrunchie for a soft ,lose hold that won't cause breakages and is comfy. For a hydrating cream I recommend Amika Dream Rountine Overnight Hydrating Hair Mask. Apply before bed and wake up with soft hair. Click here to buy Amika Dream Rountine Overnight Hydrating Hair Mask. I would also cover your hair with a silk bonnet or sleep on silk pillow cases or both. Silk is a smooth fabric that won't ruff of the hair cuticle and cause damage.

Hairstylist Jessalyn in her salon.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Until next week.



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