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Is Amika's Smooth Over Treatments the Key to Effortless Frizz-Free Hair in the Salon and at home?

Updated: Mar 3

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Amika Smooth Over Treatments

I'll start by saying I am a die hard Amika fan. I having been using their hair products for years and I am always excited to see what they come out with next. I absolutely love the brand because they're animal cruelty free, environmentally conscious, diverse, have awesome products for every hair type, smell amazing and have the cutest packaging. Which is why I am so excited to talk about Amika's two newest products. Pro Smooth Over Frizz Fighting Treatment, their first every in salon treatment and Smooth Over Frizz Fighting at home treatment.

What Are The Smooth Over Treatments?

The Pro Smooth Over In Salon Treatment: Is a salon only, clinically proven, long lasting smoothing treatment that reduces frizz for all hair types without compromising on personal style or hair texture. With this treatment you can choose to either elongate your curl pattern or keep it the same. The treatment fights frizz for 6 weeks and only takes 90 minutes.

Amika Smooth Over Frizz Fighting Treatment

The At Home Smooth Over Treatment: Is a 60 second smoothing treatment that is clinically proven to instantly reduces frizz by 73% for 2.2x smoother hair after one use and lasts up to 72 hours. This in shower, rinse-out treatment is powered by glycolic acid which helps to smooth the hair cuticle while creating a barrier to block out frizz. After cleansing and conditioning squeeze excess water from hair. Then fully saturate hair with treatment from mids to ends. Wait 60 seconds and then rinse. For best results blow dry your hair after to seal in treatment. If you get the in salon treatment this product is highly recommended to use in between appointments to help prolong the in salon treatment.

Why I Love The Pro Smooth Over And At Home Smooth Over Treatment.

Let's talk about the in salon treatment first. From a hairstylist perspective the first thing that caught my attention is how this treatment is formulated without formaldehyde. Other smoothing treatments that I have preformed in the past, I stopped using because of intensity of the chemicals. This treatment is instead formulated with:

Glyoxylic Acid: an organic acid compound that restructures keratin in the hair cortex, smooths while increasing shine + manageability of all hair types

Water Lily Extract: contains keratin-building tannins to help smooth the cuticle while de-frizzing strands to improve manageability.

Sea Buckthorn: Amika's signature super fruit ingredient that's loaded with vitamin C, A, fatty acid omega 7 + antioxidants making it the ultimate holy grail ingredient for hair + scalp.

Provitamin B5: promotes hair's resilience while smoothing + conditioning.

Salsphere: helps extend style by combating humidity + smoothing.

Aloe Leaf Juice: adds luster while allowing hair to retain its natural moisture.

I also love that it only takes 90 minutes to preform this service and has two different methods depending on desired results. The treatment is customizable, being able to elongate curls or maintain curls and both eliminating frizz.

Straight hair smoothing model

Curly hair smoothing model

What I love about the at home treatment is how quick and easy it is to do while also instantly noticing a difference in your hair.

Who Are The Smooth Over Treatments For?

These treatments are for all hair types looking to reduce frizz for smoother results. The in salon treatment provides longer last results and the at home treatment is great for maintaining manageability in between appointments. The 60 second at home treatment is a great intro to the line and I recommend giving it a try first. Click here to buy the at home Amika Smooth Over Frizz Fighting Treatment.

Portsmouth, NH hairstylist Jessalyn

Hi! My name is Jessalyn, the writer of this blog. I am a hairstylist located in Portsmouth, NH and my salon is called Bold Hearts Studio. I am now certified in Amika's new Pro Smooth Over Frizz Fighting Treatment and I am so excited to offer it at my salon. I am always taking new guests and would love to have you in my chair. Click here to book the Pro Smooth Over Treatment Online. I hope you found this post helpful. Comment below with any questions or topics that you want me to talk about in future posts. Until next month.



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Amika Pro Smooth Over certified stylist

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