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The Ultimate Guide to Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Updated: Jan 1

Find out why I love doing hand tied hair extensions.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

Hand tied hair extensions are my favorite method of installing extensions because they look the most natural. Hand tied extensions are used to add length and fullness and are nearly undetectable. These extensions lay flat on the head and you can comfortably put your hair up without haven't to worry about anyone knowing you have hair extensions. If you are thinking about getting hair extensions I highly recommend hand tied hair extensions. Here's everything you need to know about hand tied hair extensions.

Hair extension wefts

What Are Hand Tied Hair Extensions?

Hand tied extensions actually refers to the type of hair extension weft used in the extension install. A weft consists of a collection strands weaved to their own thread. Hand tied wefts are hand sewn for optimal blend and coverage that lays flat. They are also light on the head and your hair. You don't want extensions that are heavy on your hair. To much weight can cause breakage. Hand tied wefts are ideal because they are light weight and won't cause breakage.

Hand tied hair extension install tools


Hand tied extension wefts are sewn to your natural hair using a beaded track. The beaded track is created first and then wefts are layered on top and sewn to the track creating a row. The number of rows needed varies depending on the length of your hair and your desired look. If you want to keep the length of your hair the same and just want fullness only 1 row is needed. If you want length and fullness 2 rows are needed. If you have thick hair or have short hair (above your shoulders) and you want length three rows are needed to provide enough hair to blend. I recommend growing your hair to at least touching your shoulder before getting hair extensions. At this length it is a lot easier to blend and not as much hair is needed.

Beaded track and wefts sewn to track.
Beaded track and wefts sewn to track.


First Extension Install 1 Row: 2 hrs|$760

Includes hair, install, sculpting, and styling.

For clients who desire volume.

$380 Deposit is due after consult to order hair.

First Extension Install 2 Rows: 3 hrs|$1460

Includes hair, install, sculpting, and styling.

For clients who desire volume and length.

$730 Deposit is due after consult to order hair.

A consultation is required before booking hand tied extensions. During your consult I will color match your hair and determine how much to order. 50% of the install service is due after consult to order your hair. I will book your first install appointment two weeks out from your consult. Hair extensions take about a week to arrive.

Hand tied hair extensions

Every 6-8 weeks your hair extensions will need to be moved up. As you hair grows the space between your hair and where the extensions are attached will become wider and looser. In 6 weeks your weft won't fall out but it won't be as close to your scalp. During your maintenance appointment I first remove your hair extensions and do a deep cleansing treatment to keep the areas covered by your extension tracks free from any build up. Then I blow dry and re-apply your hair extensions. A 1 row maintenance appointment is 1 hour and 30 minutes and cost $100. A 2 row maintenance appointment is 2 hours and 30 minutes and cost $200.

At Home Care

Keeping your hair extensions clean and tangle free is so important. The hair lasts a year before you need to order new hair. However I have had clients that have gone longer because of how well they took care of their hair extensions.

shampoo and conditioner

Make sure to thoroughly brush your hair before washing to remove any tangles and loosen up product build up. Gently wash with sulfate free and paraben free shampoo. When shampooing never rub the ends of your hair together. This will dry the ends out and create tangles. For Shampoo I recommend any of the Amika Shampoos. My clients favorites are Normcore Signature Shampoo and Mirrorball High Shine + Protect Antioxidant Shampoo. Once shampooing is completed rinse out and add conditioner to the ends of your hair extensions and leave in for 5 minutes. Avoid getting conditioner on the tracks of the hair extensions (where the hair extensions are attached). For conditioner I recommend any of the Amika conditioners. Click here to buy Amika shampoo and conditioner. I also highly recommend a weekly hair mask. Not sure which hair mask is best for your hair? Read: Which Hair Mask Is Best For My Hair?

Amika The Wizard Detangling Primer
Drying And Styling

When you get out of the shower gently squeeze out excess water and blot with a cotton towel. Then while your hair extensions are damp spray in a leave in conditioner at the ends and using a wide tooth comb or wet brush to detangle. My favorite detangler is Amika The Wizard Detangling Primer. It hydrates, detangles, speeds up blow drying time and is a heat protectant. Click here to buy Amika The Wizard Detangling Primer.

Amika Water Sign Hydrating Hair Oil

Also apply hydrating oil at the ends of your hair extensions and brush regularly to prevent tangling. When brushing make sure to hold the base of the scalp, where the extensions adhere to your natural hair. This will prevent you from putting to much tension on your hair extensions tracks. For a hydrating oil I recommend Amika Water Sign Hydrating Hair Oil. It hydrates, reduces frizz and is also a heat protectant. Click here to buy Amika Water Sign Hydrating Hair Oil.

When blow drying make sure where your hair extensions are install at the scalp are completely dried. Then you can finish blow drying with a boar bristle brush or air dry. Once hair is dried a flat iron or curling iron can be used on your hair extensions. Remember to use a heat protectant when using your styling irons. Which both Amika The Wizard Detangling Primer and Water Sign Hydrating Hair Oil are heat protectants. And my last styling tip is before you go to bed braid your extensions to keep them from getting tangled.

Malibu Swimmers Wellness Shampoo
Vacation Care:

These tips are for your beach getaways. Before getting into the ocean, lake, or pool wet your hair in the shower, comb and then braid your hair. Immediately after you are done swimming use a clarifying shampoo and conditioner. Minerals found in bodies of water can cause discoloration to your hair extensions. That is why using a clarifying shampoo right after is so important. My favorite is Malibu Swimmers Wellness Shampoo. Click here to buy Malibu Swimmers Wellness Shampoo. Sunscreen can also change the color of your hair extensions. I recommend using an organic cream based sunscreen.

Clip in hair extensions
How Do I Know I Am Ready To Commit?

If you have never tried hair extensions before I recommend first trying clip-ins. Clip-ins use a similar placement to hand tied hair extensions and will give you a feel of what it will be like without the commit. After you get clip-ins if you find you never want to take them out, it's time to upgrade to hand tied hair extensions. However if you only wear your clip-ins occasionally and you like being able to take them out a the end of the day, clip-ins are perfect. If you are interested in getting clip-ins shop Use my code JESSALYN10 to get 10% off.

Hairstylist Jessalyn in her salon Bold Hearts Studio in Portsmouth NH

Having hand tied extensions are amazing and will make you feel glamours. It's just a higher maintenance service so I always like to make sure my clients are ready to commit. If after reading this post your are like "Yes! I want hand tied hair extensions!" and you are in the Portsmouth NH area I would love to be your hairstylist!. Click here to book your hand tied extension consult.

I hope you found this blog helpful and to stay up to date with my weekly blog posts click here to subscribe. Until next week.



Hairstylist / Owner of Bold Hearts Studio in Portsmouth NH

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