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Wedding Hair Prep Do's And Don'ts

Updated: Jan 22

How to achieve perfect hair for the big day.

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Girl curling her hair

These tips are for brides, bridesmaids, and wedding guest. For each tip I will share the do's and the don'ts of wedding hair prep.

Tip #1 - Get A Trim

Get a trim 6 to 8 weeks prior to the wedding to get rid of slip ends. If you plan on wearing your hair up make sure to leave some length. For an updo you want your hair to be long enough to touch your shoulders.

Tip #2 - Use A Weekly Hair Mask

Everyone should use a hair mask once a week to keep their hair healthy and manageable. A good hairstyle will look even better with healthy hair. So if you aren't using one, now is the time to start. Not sure which hair mask is best for your hair? Read Which Hair Mask Is Best For My Hair?

Tip #3 - Refresh Your Hair Color

Refresh your hair color 1 to 2 weeks prior to the wedding. If you plan on changing your hair color get it done a month before just in case you need to make adjustments to the new color. I don't recommend doing a drastic change before a wedding. Many photos will be taken so you want to make sure you have a hair color that you love.

Tip #4 - Hair Inspo

Don't wait till the day of to decide what hairstyle you want. Brides I highly recommend doing a hair trial prior to your wedding. Click here to read 6 Tips For The Best Bridal Hair Trial. Bridesmaids makes sure to talk to the bride about what hairstyle you want to do. Find out what the bride is doing for their hairstyle to make sure your not doing the same and find out if they have a hairstyle they want you to do. Need inspo? Click here to head to my pinterest for hair inspo pics.

Tip #5 - Clean Hair

Come to your hair appointment with clean dry hair. Don't have your hair in braids or a messy bun, that will make your hair kinky and harder to style. If you have curly hair wash your hair first thing in the morning the day of. If you are wearing your curls, set after washing and air dry. Diffuse once you are closer to your appointment time. If you want to smooth out your curls brush and smooth out as much as you can while blow drying. Depending on time your hairstylist could have you come to your appointment with wet hair and blowout your hair. This can vary depending on the style you want and the amount of time the hairstylist has. Talk to your hairstylist ahead of time to see what will work best.

Tip #6 - Wear The Right Top

When you go to get your hair done you need to wear a top that you don't need to pull over your head to take off. For example a tan top or a button up. Wearing a top that needs to be pulled over your head to take off could ruin your hairstyle.

I hope you find these tips helpful and have a wonderful wedding day! For updates on new posts scroll down to the bottom of my page and press the subscribe button.



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Photographer: Sydney Kerbyson

Photographer: Anna Solo

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