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Everything You Need to Know About Vivid Hair Color

Updated: Jun 13

Portsmouth NH Hairstylist Jessalyn

Hi my name is Jessalyn and I am a vivid hair color specialist located in Portsmouth NH. Not only have I done vivid hair color for 10 years but I have had it myself for longer. I can tell you from experience what works and what doesn't. Read on for the ultimate guide to vivid hair color.

Split Hair Color

How often do I need to go to the salon to maintain vivid hair color?

Between every 6 to 8 weeks. Doing highlights vs all over color and what color(s) you pick will determine how often you will need to come in. The more you incorporate your natural the softer your grow out will be which will allow you to go longer between appointments. I encourage most of my guest to do highlights vs all over because of the softer grow out and less maintenance. For colors the lighter you go the quicker it will fade. You can go every 8 weeks if you chose to do a darker version of your desired color or invest in a color depositing mask which I talk about in the next section.

Amika Hair Products

How do I keep my vivid hair color vibrant in between appointments?

At home aftercare is essential to making your vivids last. Read my blog post "How to Maintain Vivid Hair Color at Home: 5 Essential Aftercare Tips" How often you wash your hair and what products you use will make all the difference.

Red Hair Color

How much are vivid hair color services?

I will give you a general idea of how much vivid hair color services cost but just keep in mind prices will vary on length and thickness of hair. Also these are my prices and other hairstylist prices will vary. Especially if they are from a different area. If it is your first time getting vivid hair color expect to have to come in for a consultation first. I require all my new vivid hair color guest to book a consultation for their first appointment. This is so I can see their hair in person and from their be able to determine how long and how much their first vivid hair color service will be. Each person requires a different amount of time based on their end goal and amount of hair.

First time vivid hair color appointment on average tend to take 4, 6, or 8 hours. Typically I do 4 or 6 hour appointments at the longest. Any longer I will break it up into two appointments.

Cost can range anywhere from $300 to $800 or more. Most of my guest tend to spend around $300 to $500. A higher price would be for someone that has long and thick hair looking to lighten their whole head and then add vivids. This is why a consultation first is so important. It will allow us to talk about your budget which I will be able to give you options and ideas to achieve your goal hair while staying in your price range. Whether that means breaking up your appointment into to several appointments or incorporating more of your natural.

Vivid refresh services cost between $150 to $250 and take between 2 to 3 hours. Most of my guest like I mentioned earlier get highlights vs all over. With the softer grow out they are able to get highlights every other time. Meaning the other time is applying just vivids without lightening which is a lower service cost.

Blue And Green Hair Color

I hope you found these guide helpful and if your in the Portsmouth NH area I would love to be your hairstylist. I absolutely love doing vivid hair color and I am always taking new guests. Click here to book a new guest vivid consultation. 



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