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How To Add Hair Color Highlights Using Clip-In Hair Extensions.

Updated: 2 days ago

Hair color highlight ideas from dark to light hair using Irresistible Me clip-in hair extensions.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

rainbow clip-in hair extensions

Hair extensions aren't just for length and volume. They are also an easy way to add color highlights. This option is great for people who like to change their hair color a lot, want a hair color that is hard to achieve (involving multiple salon appointments), don't want the maintenance of coloring their hair or don't want to lighten their hair. For seamless blend of hair color I recommend only going 2-3 shades lighter then your base color. For the best results I recommend this option for people looking to add color, volume and only a few inches of length. If you are looking to add a lot of length I recommend matching your base color or going only a shade lighter to guarantee a seamless color blend. Read on to get hair color highlight ideas based on your base hair color.

Black And Dark Brown Highlight Color Ideas:

hair extension color swatches

Brown Highlight Color Ideas:

hair extension color swatches

Copper Highlight Color Ideas:

hair extension color swatches

Blonde Highlight Color Ideas:

hair extension color swatches

For Any Base Color: Vivid Hair Colors (Rainbow Hair Colors):

hair extension color swatch

To create pops of rainbow colors I recommend using #60 platinum blonde as your canvas. You could color them yourself or have your hairstylist color them. I sell rainbow clip-ins already made or I do custom orders for anyone local. Click here to shop rainbow clip-ins. If you are local (my salon is located in Portsmouth, NH) click here to book an in person consult for custom rainbow clip-ins. During your consult I will help you pick the length, amount of clip-ins, and together we will pick out colors to create your desired look.

hairstylist Jessalyn in her salon

To shop Irresistible Me clip-ins click here. To get 10% off use my code JESSALYN10. Also please let me know in the comments if you do any of this color ideas and if so tag me in your selfies on instagram @boldheartsstudio I would love to see them. For all the latest updates on my blog click here to subscribe.



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